Nevadas Recovery & Prevention Community

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Is NRAP right for you?

If you are wondering if NRAP is right for you the only question you need to answer is:  are you wanting to connect with other students who want to live a sober lifestyle on campus and have fun while doing it?  If you answer yes, then NRAP is right for you!  At NRAP recovery is simply living a life of health and wellness while reaching your full potential.  NRAP is not a treatment or intervention program.  NRAP is a gathering of students who want to reach their full potential without the need for alcohol or other drugs.  NRAP is for students who want to live that type of sober lifestyle for any reason.

We believe that living sober on campus does not make a student an outcast, we also believe that college should not be boring.  Students live sober for many reasons, and we are supportive of the variety of motivating factors.  Students may live sober because of religious, cultural, or academic reasons, or they may be a person in long-term recovery.  We are the only community on campus that offers recovery groups and meetings.  We also have wellness groups and coaching.  Some of our students just want a place to hang-out during the school day and people to hang-out with on the weekends.  Feel free to call or email us if you have any questions!

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