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When I first heard about NRAP, I was ecstatic to meet other students like me who were in or seeking recovery from alcoholism and addiction. If I didn’t have a community of some sort that connected me with other people in similar situations, I would have either drank in an attempt to “fit into” the college society, or isolate and feel incredibly lonely which would eventually drive me to drink.  I entered NRAP during the beginning stages when nobody knew about it, and I remember feeling upset, anxious, and thought that there were no other students like me. That feeling persuaded me to go to 12 step in the meantime and I’m very glad I did. However, I felt like I was torn between two communities—12 step and college, and in between my classes, even walking amongst a cluster of students, I felt alone. I felt as if I had to hide a piece of my identity when I went to school, and that pseudo barrier kept me from reaching out to any of my college peers. I didn’t want to spend my nights alone, so I suffered through parties, constantly feeling judged and out-of-place. As I was diving into 12 step, I met several young people who also when to UNR and encouraged them to join NRAP. As NRAP increased in numbers, eventually got a room, and began holding meetings on campus, I could finally breathe. Suddenly, I didn’t feel so alone. It has been great having a safe place to go on campus in between classes, and whenever I’m feeling out-of-place surrounded by students that just don’t seem to “get it,” I come to NRAP to find relief. Its members recharge me, energize me, and boost my confidence when I’m lacking it. That’s because when I’m talking with other alcoholic/addict students, reaching out, and helping others as well, I get out of my head and into the moment. I’m so grateful for NRAP and would feel empty without it.


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