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One comment for “What did your addiction do for you vs. What it did to you?

  • Jordan says:

    At first, my using helped me become social. I always felt insignificant and boring compared to my friends. I am also a only child so was comfortable with just being by myself at home but I knew that was not healthy. Drinking gave me the courage to go out and experience new things in life instead of being complacent in my comfort zone. I quickly began to abuse alcohol though and relied to much on it for a good time. It’s not the drugs fault but mine. In the end, I did not know what sober felt like. I was constantly high to complete all activities whether school, work, or hobbies. When I finally stopped abusing drugs I was once again uncomfortable in my own skin and had to relearn who I was and how to enjoy life. I do not regret what drugs and alcohol did for me in the beginning but came to regret where I let it take me in the end.


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